Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ancient Minister

Today I drew another high-ranking Subspace Emissary officer, the Ancient Minister. Makes me wonder, has anybody decorated their R.O.B. in a similar green robe? That'd be pretty awesome.

I know it's a bit premature, since it's only been in development for about a month, but I can't help but think about the roster of the next Smash Bros. How many new IPs has Nintendo put out since Pikmin that have characters who could be fighters? This stable of awesome downloadable 3DS titles Nintendo is building must have some sort of representation, be it from Sakura Samurai or Dillon.


  1. It will OBVIOUSLY be Mallo from Pushmo.

    (Oh god how would that even work.)

    1. My guess is that Pushmo Park will be a new stage, in which Mallo is constantly re-shaping the level. The last few years, Nintendo has had a knack for making games that'd make for good SSB stages, but not characters.

      Speaking of which, I wager you dollars to doughnuts that Wuhu Island is also stage in it.

  2. The main characters from the Project Rainfall games could probably work, but I'm not sure if those are second or third party.
    Otherwise there's... Legend of Stafy, Chibi-Robo, Captain Rainbow and Eternal Darkness. Perhaps some sort of vivosaur from Fossil Fighters or someone from Rhythm Heaven might work as well.
    There are also some older series that still don't have fighters, like Punch-Out, Sin and Punishment, Golden Sun, Nazo no Murasame Jou, Custom Robo and Animal Crossing.

    Hopefully we'll get at least some of those and not just a bunch of new Mario/Zelda/Kirby/Pokémon characters.

  3. I would like to see Fawful as a fighter, or at least an assist trophy.