Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Like Some Dogs

Today I answered a few Tumblr questions from my ever-expanding backlog of them.

On a related note, I've recently been thinking - I created this blog as an inspiration/self-imposed obligation to draw every day, but between my Tumblr questions and Beeserker, I'm drawing on most days anyway, but still putting new stuff here. For some reason, it feels like cheating to me to recycle content from those sites into this one (but not enough to keep me from doing it from time to time). Now, I'll admit that I haven't exactly drawn every day since it started, but for the last three and a half years, I've managed to make daily posts on BTI containing some sort of art I've done; if my calculations are right, it's been almost 1300 consecutive days.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to say here - perhaps it's that as the days go on, I'm seeing less and less of a reason to keep Burn The Internet going on the way it is. Mind you, I'm not going to immediately stop posting every day; throwing away a 1300 day streak on a whim seems rather wasteful. I actually did mildly entertain an idea for a new year's resolution - "embark on some sort of project great enough that I could justify to myself and others not drawing something for BTI every day."

My apologies to anyone who got lured in by doodles of long dogs only to wind up having to read my ramblings about what this blog may or may not mean to me. It's just something that I've had circling around in my head for a while that I needed to get down into writing. One of these days, I'll figure out what it all means and what I have to do to keep from having to write stuff like this...

In the meantime, I have an ImPokédex to finish.


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