Friday, December 23, 2011

Like Real Mario But Is Toy

I'm working my way through the 3DS ambassador games, and started playing Mario vs. Donkey Kong yesterday. For some reason, I never played it when it first came out, even though I love Donkey Kong '94. Yes, MvDK is ugly as sin, and Mario talks a lot even by GBA standards, but it plays just like the old Game Boy DK game, and is kind of amazing.


  1. It sounds horrible, too, which is something people don't complain about enough. The sound effects are just terrible.

  2. Yeah, the only redeeming factor about the sound is that Mario does his Italian muttering from the Mario & Luigi games.

  3. At some point Mario says "All you! It's all you, baby!" or something along those lines, so that's pretty much the best thing he's ever said. Just needs fewer generic sound effects you hear in low budget games that forgot they were going to need sound effects until the last second.