Monday, July 25, 2011

World Warriors, Come Out To Plaaaaaayy

When I re-draw covers of things, they're usually music albums, but this time I re-drew the cover of the original Street Fighter II for the SNES. Considering that Ryu is the main character of the series, it seems odd that Capcom decided have his limp ragdoll of a body collapsing in the corner of the box.


  1. I think this cover is from Capcom USA.
    Usually "Capcom US" would promote American characters like Ken, Guile and Blanka, although the last one is from South America).

    I believe this cover never appears on its original Japanese release.

  2. Yeah, you're right - Ryu was much more dignified on the Japanese boxart.

    The America thing might be a stretch, but then again, they DID make Balrog a good guy in the US movie, even though he works for Shadaloo.