Saturday, July 30, 2011

New ImPokédex - Arceus

Arceus has always been a baffling concept in the Pokémon universe to me. It's the god and creator of Pokémon, and quite possibly the universe, but it can be caught and used in battle. Even worse, it's event-only, so you have to pick it up from one of those delivery guys at the Pokémart. Does that guy ever have any idea what he's holding? Does he have any qualms about handing the power of a god over to a small child?!

Anyway, Arceus has 17 different forms - one for each elemental type. Since I bothered to make all 28 Unowns, I figured I have to make all of these things too.
This ends the Diamond/Pearl section of the ImPokédex. So yeah, I am definitely not looking forward to making this generation's wallpaper. I might just move on to the... ugh... Black/White Pokémon while trying to piece that 500 layer image together.

1 comment:

  1. I guess when on the verge of death even thou your a a god, and your only chance of living is being caught by the same small child that beating your shit senseless with one of your creations, it help to have that delivery man give you god.