Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Years of Headers

Today is the third anniversary of Burn The Internet, which has become home to well over a thousand drawings of mine. There's another one in store today, but in the meantime, I thought it would be interesting to look back at some of the old header images that used to adorn the top of this blog over the past three years. This up above is the first one ever - a simple statement punctuated with a flame at the end, which was the only distinguishing element of an otherwise template-designed Blogger site. Because there are sixteen other headers in this post, you're going to have to see the rest after the jump.

The second banner was similar, except there are more flames, some of which formed one of those snakes from Super Mario Bros. 3, which is why there's also a raccoon Mario.
This header was from the short period where the background for BTI was light grey instead of white, and featured the fire versions of Mario and Luigi from those palette sheets I drew of them, which to this day are still some of the blog's most frequently viewed posts.
This was the first header that was part of a differently colored horizontal bar that spanned the top of the screen; something I still implement to this day. This is easily one of the craziest headers, and one of my favorites.
I was on a real pixel art kick when I drew this header, complete with a picture of Impostor Minineko that makes him look like a Mega Man boss or something... Immobile Cat Man?
I was considering getting Burnout Paradise at some point, and since it has "Burn" right in the title, it seemed far too perfect to make a header based on the game's logo. Over two years later and I still don't own that game.
This header was done following the success of BTI's Unown Day, during which I drew all 28 forms of Unown for the ImPokédex. There's something fun and tedious about writing things with cats.
In yet another cat-filled header, I drew Impostor Minineko as all 9 classes in Team Fortress 2. There was also a BLU version, but I didn't include it here, since this list is already long enough.
This simple header marked the one year anniversary of BTI, essentially rehashing the original banner, but making the background green and adding that yellow note.
I used to do this thing where I would stay up all night and draw a bunch of crappy things in MS Paint every once in a while. This header was created following the first such night I did this after starting this blog, resulting in a ridiculously high yield of updates for the upcoming week or two. (I really should do this more often...)
This header was based on a weekly drawing I used to do called The Devil Sez, in which a devil that looked suspiciously like the Sciencemen from Beeserker gave horrible advice. I had since forgotten about the series, but now that I remember, I might have to bring him back somehow.
By this point in time, I had a crapload of stickers on the cover of my sketchbook. Most of the stickers were from old Guitar Hero controllers, but it still looked pretty neat, and I wanted to incorporate the cover in my blog, since I had been posting a lot of my drawings from the book. Needless to say, this is one of the uglier headers I made.
This header was the first to use the "new" BTI writing style, in which I write letters with a large brush and erase the rounded ends. This is the same technique I use to make the various onomatopoeias in Beeserker.
If memory serves me correctly, this is the header I used on the occasion of BTI's second anniversary. It features an ominous black cat sphere.
This was the header during BTI's orange phase, in which I replaced all the red site elements with orange, and took a picture of all the orange toys and food I could find to make this header.
Some form of this header existed on the blog for nearly six months. Every once in a while, I replaced the circular icon on the right; I also had ones for the Sciencemen, Impostor Minineko, Minineko, and an unused Beegirl one. It took a while for me to realize how similar this white-on-black writing looked to that which the webcomic Gunshow uses on the top of its page -between that and the fact that it had been up for six damn months, it seemed like a good time to change it.
The one I used up until about an hour from now just had repetition of the new BTI logo, which will probably show up in future headers in some capacity for a while.

Come back next year, when I will be looking back at the many footer images I've used since the beginning; maybe I'll have more of them than "pit of fire" and "checkerboard floor blatantly lifted from Super Mario Bros. 3!"

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