Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rei is Upset

To remind people that I am completely behind the times, I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion recently. It was about a month or two ago, but I realized today that I didn't draw any characters from it for BTI yet; I've got some robots to draw in the near future.


  1. If You Haven't, You Should Watch The Movie, End Of Eva., That's Considered The True Ending, The Series Ending Is Rather Lacking.

  2. I did see End of Eva - I particularly loved that part when Eva-02 ripped one of the Eva units over its head, not unlike the Beeserker and Sciencemen respectively. I swear it was a total coincidence, but the series has exposed me to some new acts of robotic brutality that I'll probably be using in that comic at some point.

  3. Well, I Should Have Figured You Would Have Loved The Eva Unit Two's Last Stand, I Look Foreword To All The New Acts Of Brutality.