Friday, September 24, 2010

Hoenn ImPokédex Wallpaper

Brace yourself - this wallpaper contains the first 386 species in the ImPokédex, my ongoing project in which I draw Impostor Minineko as various Pokémon. I managed to finish the third generation just as the fifth one came out, meaning I should be caught up by around 2017.

I've noticed two things while looking at this wallpaper. First, I've been making the Impostor Minineko Pokémon a lot smaller recently and their lines are a lot thinner. Secondly, this would probably make for a horrible wallpaper, unless you're REALLY into Where's Waldo. Oh well.


  1. did you notice that you put your evolutionary lines in the form of triangles within the wallpaper? i found all the eeveelutions just by finding one and following the angles of a triangle, same with the legendary beast trio and others :P


  2. Yeah, with the exception of the starters, Nidorans, and the tiny event-only legendaries, I try to keep the Pokémon that are related as far apart as I can.

  3. I set this as my wallpaper the other day and then I couldn't see any of my desktop icons because it was so busy. Someday I'm going to move everything off my desktop and make it completely clean again, and at that point I will switch to the latest ImPokedex wallpaper.

  4. know what i find strange about this image far out in the top right mew jirachi and celibi are separated from the rest