Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amputee Bulbasaur

I draw Bulbasaur a lot while playing iSketch. Well, I usually draw a cat with an onion on its back and say that it's a Bulbasaur. Today's drawing is of a Bulbasaur without any limbs, just trying to get by.


  1. This is one of the sickest things I've ever seen on your site, and yet I still find it cute, in a very weird way.
    The look in his eyes seems vengeful. ... or maybe it's the pointy teeth.

  2. "He's got the heart of a champion!"

    So I ran into your site today via someone on Know Your Meme reposting your How Diglett Works picture; fortunately you signed it, and I thought, "hey, Kyatt, I remember that name." Like, way back in ye olden dayes I used to be a peripheral Zeo member so I remembered you from stuff like this. We probably interacted at some point, but I don't even remember what my username was back then so who knows.

    Anyway, I love your art style, and I think you've very funny -- especially the Pokemon humor, which is an underserved market. I've been going through the archives and just dying of laughter literally every couple of minutes. Mawile as "Samurai Girafarig" pretty much slayed me, in particular. So, thanks for making my day a whole bunch.