Monday, June 7, 2010

New ImPokédex - Feebas

To get a Milotic, you have to catch a Feebas, which is only possible by fishing on a ridiculously small number of water squares. It also has to be the right nature, so you can feed it the correct Pokéblocks that will make it be sufficiently beautiful, which is the criteria for its evolution. Practically every legendary Pokémon to this date is easier to acquire than Milotic, which makes zero sense.


  1. Dear Kyatt:
    I have just been hit by a strange bout of nostalgia. Tried looking for the UZC but found a frustratingly broken archive. Do you maintain that? Where can I get some good ol' UZC fixings?

    PS. gw on the TF2 propaganda. Recognised your style immediately ;)

  2. Luckily in black and white, you can catch a milotic without that feebas.