Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How To Draw Minineko

Put on your learning hats, because today I'm going to show you how to draw Minineko, my semi-neglected blob of a cat. It seems simple enough, but somebody actually asked for such a tutorial, and if I can draw Minineko once and count it as today's drawing, all the better. I go into excruciating, needless detail, so the lesson will begin after the jump.

Whenever I draw Minineko, I start with the eyes, which are just two ovals slightly parted. They can look in any direction, but for the purposes of reference later on, they'll be looking straight forward.
The ears are next. Imagine a line coming up from Minineko's pupil, and coming down towards the other, and you have the basic shape of one of the ears. Draw the other ear right next to it. This was in no way intentional, but Minineko's ears form a slanted M atop his head.
Minineko's head is another oval encasing all of one eye and most of the other. On the side facing Minineko, start on the other side of where the ear meets the eye and draw a quarter circle. On the other side, continue from the ear and draw a similarly sized half circle. Take this time to fill in Minineko's ears with black triangles for some reason.
Finishing the face, be sure to add two whiskers to each side; they do not cross the plane of the head on the side Minineko is facing, but do on the other side. Add a nose, which is slightly wider than the pupils but roughly the same size. For all I care, you can draw the mouth however the hell you want.
Drawing Minineko's body can be tricky - imagine a snowman melting and slumping over. This snowman's middle sphere is the smallest of the three.
The paws are ovals that are slightly smaller than the ones used for the eyes. Draw two lines on the bottom of each of the front ones for fingers, or whatever the digits are called that come out of paws - is it still fingers? I should look that up. Anyway, the paws in the back are just half-ovals placed slightly higher than the front paws.
Finishing up, add Minineko's tuft of fur that makes people confuse it for a bird (it's not a wing). It's essentially a slightly curved W that goes on 50% too long. Throw in two arbitrary dash lines on the back of the body, and then the tail, which goes from the middle of the rear back paw in an S-like curve, comes to a point, and then back down. This is approximately what Minineko looks like.
Now to clean up all those stray lines...
...then trace over that awful sketch.
Now you can color him in with light green and make him say something clever.
Rest assured, I usually don't go through all those steps in such a meticulous manner every time; after all these years that cat's just been imprinted into my brain. Come back next week for my simple 23-step process of how to draw Impostor Minineko!

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