Saturday, August 15, 2009

Endless Pain 2

This week I finally beat Visions and Panic Attack on expert guitar in Rock Band 2 - the last two songs on-disc that I couldn't complete. Being able to play all 84 songs, I took on the Endless Setlist 2, which makes you play them all in a row, in order of difficulty (I still have no idea how I beat visions after playing 81 other songs). It takes over 6 hours to complete, and that's even if you don't pause or fail. Once I completed it, I realized that I hadn't drawn anything today, which is the reason today's drawing sucks.


  1. Hello, Kyatt!

    First, let me say how amazing (and hilarious) I find your artwork. I wasn't exactly positive on how to contact you directly, so i figured i might simply comment here and hope for the best.

    I'm sure you're busy, so I'll try to be brief - I'm an aspiring young artist who intends to use graphics software, and I wondered if you might be able to direct me as to the best tablet for the job. I noticed you used the Intuos3, but for my purposes this is slightly out of practicality and price range. Do you know if the Bamboo Fun (also Wacom) would be a suitable starting point for an amateur blogging artist, or are the differences between this version and the professional model too high (pressure sensitivity, etc.)? Also, any other general tips on maintaining a blog such as your own?

    ~Anthony, BTI follower and fellow artist

  2. Quite honestly, the Inutos 3 is really overkill for what I do here. Unless you do a lot of stuff with airbushes, the pressure sensitivity/stylus angle really doesn't matter that much.