Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday Night MS Painting Part 1

Sorry viewers, but I made another sleep-deprived set of MS Paint drawings, 10 in all, which I will be posting this weekend. I figured if I'm going to be using these as BTI updates, I might as well post a whole bunch of them per day.
The first one is of Filburt from Rocko's Modern Life and Bettie Page. At some point, I should've realized that this barely qualifies as a pun, but it's hard to justify deleting out a picture that's only 5 KB. There are 3 more after the jump, and one of them has a Robocop in it.

Fans of the movie will know that Robocop usually eats baby food, but sometimes he eats other stuff to keep up appearances; he just puts it all in his 2nd stomach.
Manny, one of the people (un?)lucky enough to see these things as I make them, suggested that I sell and/or draw bottled insanity. I imagine such a product would have to be in one of those Zelda-style cork bottles.
This drawing is of hardcore legend Mick Foley, saying his trademark catch phrase.

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