Sunday, April 12, 2009

No More Lyrics

I checked Google today to see if anyone figured out the lyrics to Bad Girl's theme from No More Heroes "Pleather For Breakfast" yet, and on the first page of results was a tweet I made last month about the issue. I guess that unless they release the song for Rock Band or if I run into Masafume Takada on the street, I'm never going to find out what the f they're saying in it.

Also, it dawned on me, if they ever made a No More Heroes movie, Bad Girl would have to be played by Kaitlin Olson (aka Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia).


  1. I love you babe
    Thats what she said, yes no
    That enough of you for me so lets go

  2. I think this sounds better:

    "I love you, babe", what's that you said, yes, no? Drugs don't kill the pain, so let' go.

    But if you ever run into Masafume, please tell!!!

  3. We really need to know those lyrics...

  4. Pretty sure it's,
    "I love you babe.
    Ecstacy yes, no.
    That's a que for me, so lets go"