Monday, March 2, 2009

Aggressive Inline Was Way Awesome

As late as a few years ago, Tony Hawk pretty much monopolized the extreme sports genre of video games. Shortly after Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Acclaim, who had feebly tried to compete with their own Dave Mirra BMX series, released Aggressive Inline. AI, as I will be referring to it, was buggy and awkward at times, but it was doing a whole bunch of things that the THPS series wouldn't do for a while. 
For one, AI had a self-correcting a button, so you could safely land from any jump. More significantly, AI's career mode had no time limits. THPS didn't add either of these features until the 4th iteration, and even then, most of the challenges required you to talk to somebody who would tell you what you had to do, and guess what - you have two minutes to do it! The only time Hawk got anywhere close to the freedom AI had was with Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (aka Bam Margera's Pro Skater); that is one of the few reasons that I don't think THUG2 deserves all the hate it gets.
AI also had a rather unique way of increasing stats; simply by skating around, you would gain experience points for each stat. Do enough air tricks, and you'll level up, letting you spend more time in the air. That's right - you can actually grind while you grind (Xzibit would be proud). Don't worry, despite this system, there are still plenty of out-of-the-way icons to grab.
Aggressive Inline is a rather awesome game, and you can find it on any of last generation's consoles for no more than $3 used. If you liked it, though, don't be tricked into getting its successor, BMX XXX; it's nowhere as good and its title sticks on your Gamercard forever for others to see... and judge.

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