Saturday, December 6, 2008

Resident Evil 5 Demo Will Spike-Axe Your Ass

Upon discovering that I actually could, I downloaded and played the Resident Evil 5 demo as soon as possible, and was repeatedly killed, usually due to one of the most redundant weapons in history - an axe with giant spikes on the blade. Intrigued? You should be. RE5 plays like a very intense RE4: more enemies, face-stomping, explosions that fill a room, and real-time weapon changing. 

That's right, remember in RE4 when the shotgun you were using to futilely fend off a crowd of enemies ran out of ammo, so you took a breather, opened your case, equipped your handgun, and then re-joined the bloodbath? Well forget that, bucko, the infected will still attack you while you're changing weapons, which is usually enough time to get strangled or crushed by, you guessed it, the spike-axe. Even worse, they added an animation for picking up ammo, which is the zombie equivalent of dropping the soap. 

Evil just got real. If you're a fan of RE4, or just killing in general, get yourself a DVD-R or a Japanese XBL account and play the hell out of this demo.

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