Friday, November 14, 2008

Filling The Mirror's Edge Runner's Bag

I'll admit, one of the reasons I got Mirror's Edge, and the only reason I paid full price for it, was the Runner's Bag that was included when you pre-ordered it at Gamestop. It's a pretty neat bag; it has one large compartment, and six smaller ones, which are closed with either Velcro or those plastic snap things. With great storage comes great responsibility, so I wanted to find out just how much stuff this thing could hold. Learn the answer after the jump.

Of course, I need to bring my GBA SP, DS lite, and what the hell, a 360 controller just to keep things interesting...
Being a runner means you need to fuel up properly. That's what the miniature booze and Halloween candy are for.
To round out the small pockets, I'll also be packing up my phone and an authentic plaster Minineko; accept no imitations (or impostors).
Finally, I'll also be bringing a lot of scarves along, since when you're running and jumping a lot, scarves look badass waving along behind you. I'll be packing several, so I can switch them in order to throw off the authorities.
Everything fits in the pockets - so far so good!
Scarves in the main compartment... now I just have to see if it will all close.
SUCCESS! Now I can jump across rooftops and crawl through ducts in style. I just have to make sure that Minineko doesn't get shot from a helicopter.


  1. Does it come in a better color than yellow?

  2. There's a special edition that comes with a red bag, but it doesn't have as many pockets and is $130.