Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maybe New Little Mac Doesn't Suck That Bad

I don't think I was the only one confused to see Little Mac show up in that Wii Punch-Out!! trailer with blue hair, but it may have been necessary. I was playing Super Punch-Out!! today, where you play as that blond guy, when it occurred to me; the reason they may have abandoned the NES Little Mac in that game is because all the opponents have to be seen through a transparent version of him, which would be tougher if he was wearing a black shirt and had black hair. Because of the retro appeal they're going for in Wii Punch-out!!, they wanted to keep the Little Mac most people know from the NES version, but needed to lighten his hair somehow. I like to think that his hair isn't blue, it's a lighter black through which you can see foreign pugilists. As for the tan, that's probably just something he got while on that island in Captain Rainbow.

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