Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Things, Well Things, They Tend To Accumulate

I am a collector. One of the things I like to gather is soda flavors that no longer exist. For a while, I had a veritable Noah's Ark of soda: Holiday Pepsi, Mountain Dew Pitch Black 1 and 2, Vanilla Coke before it was un-discontinued, Halo 3 Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream, and most recently those 2 Dewmocracy flavors that lost (Supernova and Revolution). Even if they're terrible, knowing they won't exist any more makes me want them more, not unlike Creme Eggs every spring. 

Anyway, the cans recently started to explode; I'm now without Pitch Black 1 and Holiday Pepsi. It makes me ponder the whole futility of it all, since any of them could be next, and they're making a mess of the place. I'm moving soon and all the transportation is only bound to shake them up further. Am I not destined for beverage immortality?


  1. A world where Pitch Black 1 cannot continue to exist is a world we should not live in.

  2. Ever try Pepsi Blue? A personal favorite. Re-creatable to some extent by mixing Pepsi and Blue Raspberry Minute Maid slushies at your local Super America.