Monday, July 21, 2008

Today's Drawing - Super Mario Colors

Recognize this Mario in a dashing and unique blue hat? It's Mario's sprite palette from the arcade version of Mario Bros.! For a long time, Nintendo had only a few colors in which to display Mario in games, and couldn't quite decide on which ones to use. As a result, Mario's had some bizarre hair colors and overalls that switch from red to blue and back faster than Porygon. Today's drawing is an Andy Warhol-like study of his sprite palette changes between Donkey Kong and Super Mario World (16 bits resolved this issue rather quickly). I even threw in his various fire flower colors. Click the Mario on the left to see the full chart, or see it after the jump.


Update: I also included Mario's sprite palettes from Super Mario Bros. Special, just to show that at one shameful point in his history, Mario had red gloves.



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