Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today's Drawing - Mew Squared

I've been working for several hours on today's drawing, of Mew from Jet Grind Radio and the Pokémon Mew; that's right, their shared name is the only premise for the drawing. It's the kind of drawing that I almost liked better as a sketch, so I've included a couple preliminary sketches after the jump.


Initial sketch. Originally, the Mew on the left looked like a short giraffe, then a pig, and now a pig fetus. That's when I learned that in reality, Mew looks just like a pig fetus.

Traced the sketch, and tried to mess around with line value, not unlike with the Homer drawing yesterday.

Flat color added, and Mew's nose made less piglike. Usually this would be where I stop for BTI drawings, but every once in a while I've nothing better to do, so I poured another 2 hours into it to make the final drawing.


  1. I love you for bringing JSR (I will not substitute) back into the public eye. What an amazing game.

    I enjoy your art as well =)