Sunday, July 20, 2008

DVD Alphabetization

I was moving my DVDs to a new shelf, and I was confronted with my recurring dilemma regarding how I am supposed to arrange them. I normally sort them alphabetically, but there's much ambiguity in the matter. First off, I disregard the articles "A" and "The" in front of every title. More confusingly though, I have several DVDs whose titles begin with numbers, and I never know whether I should put 8 Mile before or after The 40 Year Old Virgin; 40 is a bigger number, but the frontmost digit in 40 is a 4, which goes before 8. Even worse, I have Pi on DVD, and it's shown as that Greek letter they use to represent a tiger in ZZT. Do I arrange this based on the latin alphabetical interpretation, and place it with the other "P"s, or as the numeric value, up front with the aforementioned numbered movies, or simply put it in front like a computer would organize it, since it's a special character.

These are the trials that I endure every day.

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