Monday, June 23, 2008

Bonus Drawing - Koopa Hierarchy

I wanted to fill out this thing a little more, so here's a drawing I made a week or two ago. I got to thinking about what the line of command is for Koopas. I didn't include any of the other enemy categories (i.e.: Shyguys, Goombas, Boos, Piranha Plants), and a couple turtles are just plain missing, such as Dry Bones, Spinies, and Buzzy Beetle.

I'm sure that the Hammer Bros. have more seniority and were the closest guardians to Bowser in Super Mario Bros., but Chargin' Chuck has to be stepped on 3 times to be defeated and they are bigger, so I put them slightly above the Hammer Bros. Feel free to dispute me on this.

One last thing that's been bothering me - do the Mario Kart blue flying shells come from an actual Koopa? You never really see them... perhaps they're just bred for their shells in kart races. Such a sad fate for such a majestic creature.

Click the Troopa on the upper left to see the full chart, and all the other turtles that outrank it.


  1. Goomba And Spiny Cheep Cheep Is a Emeny

  2. I love this idea :D

    Hierarchies for a bunch of other characters would be pretty awesome, although I guess the koopas lend themselves best to this...Maybe divisions? Like, regiments in his army. I love you work :D